In the US, 200 million eggs extra returns from stores due to Salmonella

In the United States officially recorded outbreak of salmonellosis in the territory of 9 States. In this regard, 200 million eggs, which went on sale for some time, will be withdrawn from the stores back to the company.

Over the American government under threat of destruction by Salmonella. Today it is an infectious disease struck 9 States have reliable information about the 22 people who were hospitalized with the symptoms of this food poisoning, the source of which is chicken eggs.

Representatives of consumer oversight from the United States announced that from 15 April, all 200 million of eggs, which arrived on the shelves of supermarkets and markets, will be returned to the manufacturer. Economists also stressed that it will cause a global increase in the cost of eggs. “The egg commotion” observed in Virginia, Florida, Colorado, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, new York and new Jersey.