In the US arrested several Ukrainian hackers – Reuters

В США арестовали нескольких украинских хакеров, - Reuters

In the USA arrested the Ukrainians, who are suspected in a number of cyber-crimes such as kidnapping arrays, charge card numbers and other data of American companies. This is with reference to own sources reports Reuters.

According to the Agency, work was underway to arrest members of the hacker gang Carbanak. As suggested by the law enforcement and private cybersituation, the gang is one of the most active in the world in terms of cybercrime.

It is expected that the U.S. Department of justice will make an official statement today, August 1. It is also expected that the prosecutors will be joined by representatives from Mastercard and Visa to also press charges.

According to the investigation, the gang at the time of its existence, stole more than 1 billion euros.

Earlier it was reported that Spain had detained the leader of the hacker group Cobalt.

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