In the US plastic surgeon disfigured woman who beat cancer

In the USA there is an extensive discussion of precedent, which happened in one of the private clinics. There is a plastic surgeon literally disfigured woman who had beaten breast cancer and asked for a minor correction forms.

As noted in the local tabloids, a woman of 44 years went through a shocking diagnosis about cancer of dairy women and the amputation of the breast. Then the doctors were able to save a patient from death and she has the life. After a few years the American woman wanted to look beautiful again and feel desirable. So she went to a private clinic with a request to give her plastic breast correction. A contract was signed, held an expensive operation after which the patient was horrified. Surgeon “created” her Boobs are huge in size, which does not harmonize with the fragile forms of a woman. In response to the claim, the doctor stated that he acted according to their own preferences.

Only after the additional fee, he agreed to supply other implants. The case gained a wide resonance and may move in a legal square.