In the US with Kevin spacey and Steven Seagal was acquitted of charges of harassment

  • В США с Кевина Спейси и Стивена Сигала сняли обвинения в домогательствах

  • В США с Кевина Спейси и Стивена Сигала сняли обвинения в домогательствах

The Prosecutor’s office County of Los Angeles (California) refused to indict the actors Kevin spacey and Steven Seagal of sexual harassment, since which has been more than 25 years.

According to the portal TMZ, the Prosecutor referred to the period of limitation for alleged crimes that occurred in the early 90-ies.

“Thus, the analysis of the validity and weakness of testimony is not necessary”, – says the decision of the Prosecutor’s office.

We will remind, in October of 2017 actor Anthony RAPP accused spacey of harassment that allegedly happened 30 years ago. The star of “house of cards” in response, Twitter issued a formal apology, admitted he did not remember about the incident, and made coming out as a gay man. After that, the actor came under a barrage of criticism and discontent of people in social networks, describing his action as an attempt insincere excuses to divert attention from the allegations of the RAPP.

After that, several men stated that spacey at various times harassed them. Nine members of the crew of the TV series “house of cards” actor accused of harassment. Investigations are also carried out in the UK, where the actor extended six charges.

Note that after the first sex scandal the movie with Kevin spacey set a record at the box office.

Steven Seagal was accused of raping actress Regina Simons, who played him in the movie “In mortal danger”. According to her, the actor forced her to have sex in 1993. Another actress claims that in 2002, Seagal put his hand in her panties during casting.

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