In the USA are boycotting Starbucks for multiple violations of the rights of blacks

In the US, hundreds of people took to the streets to boycott Starbucks. The reason was the accusations of the trade network in the racism according to the “Version info”.

Despite only created a wave of protest, violations against black visitors happened a long time ago. In this case, the trigger was the arrest of two men who did not make an order in a coffee shop in Philadelphia, waiting for his friend. And when one of them asked to use the toilet, it was rejected from the Manager and later they called the police. The CEO of Starbucks asked for forgiveness from the injured men and promised to review the policy of the institution.

After a few hours after the incident outside a coffee shop was going to rally blacks in defense of their rights. Public figures were divided in opinion. Some believe that the decision to leave the visitor at a school or ask him to leave should remain with the Manager. Others see the cafe as a public place where people without ordering anything, can use WiFi or toilet.

Later it became known that abuses have continued in other cities and with the beginning of the boycott. So in Los Angeles not made the order of the black man was not given the code to the bathroom, and the other, white-skinned, under the same conditions the key provided. In an attempt to find out why the Manager of the man was asked to leave the school.