In Transbaikalia have to come up with original protivochumnoe system

Domestic Internet public released photos of a small Japanese MPV Toyota Ipsum, the owner of which reliably protect your car from possible theft by hackers. The car was surrounded on three sides by large concrete blocks.

A car with a creative anti-theft system belongs to one of the residents of Transbaikalia. How a local resident had brought concrete blocks to his van, still remains a mystery.

Under the posted photo members of the Internet community erupted very witty comments. Some commentators have suggested that this is the most reliable anti-theft system. Others pointed out that this car is safely insured against illegal actions. It is also noted that the motorist left the car and leave nowhere. In addition, it is not excluded that the owner of the “Japanese” dumped him in the Parking lot and disappeared, and the machine fence, so the owner was not able to take it without paying for easy.