In Turkmenistan banned the machines in all colors, except white

В Туркменистане запретят машины всех цветов, кроме белого

In Turkmenistan banned the machines in all colors, except white
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After repainting the car at his own expense, drivers are forced to wait several lines for several hours for renewal of documents. Weird innovations are happy to just garages.

In Turkmenistan the authorities did not stop at banning cars black color and ban all cars except white. Light cars are better seen in the dark. Thus, the authorities decided to increase security on the roads of the country. This was reported “Chronicles of Turkmenistan”.

Black stopped to put on record, for driving on them is a penalty. Because of the huge hype on the paint and services painting cashing sellers and service centers. The price of tins of paint has increased 1.5 times, the cost of the painting has also increased. Ashgabat is already in full swing, the deficit of white paint.

After repainting the car, its owners must obtain new registration. Physically, one day it can be done, as the need to defend a few hours of queues. In the Ashgabat’s traffic police management are only two Windows for payment of services.

– Perhaps, the Ashgabat city Day, which is celebrated on may 25, residents will have to meet exclusively on the white car, the report says.

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Turkmen men were forbidden to go abroad

Migration service of Turkmenistan banned men under the age of 30 years to leave the country. According to local officials, these measures will help to ensure security in the country.