In Ufa the drunk rowdy was not allowed the paramedic to the patient, who later died

In Ufa a man, being in an alcohol intoxication, do not let physicians to see the patient. Some time later the latter died, without waiting for medical care. This was informed in the TFR in Bashkortostan.


Svetlana Abramova, assistant to head of the RF IC in the region, informed about that today, December 7, in Ufa because of a drunken brawler died a sick man. According to TFR, the morning one of the residents of the Kirov district of the city called the medical team due to his poor health. In the porch of the house where the patient was, drunk neighbor men began to clash with EMT. Because of this the doctor could not get to the patient, and he died waiting for medical help. What was the cause of death of men is still unknown.

SK of the Russian Federation in Bashkortostan Republic at the moment checks. All the details and causes of the accident are being investigated.