In Ukraine came into force a law that sets new rules for the conduct of phytosanitary expertise

В Украине вступил в силу закон, который устанавливает новые правила проведения фитосанитарной экспертизы

In Ukraine came into force law No. 2501-VIII on amendments to some legislative acts of Ukraine regarding the settlement of carrying out the phytosanitary procedures. Yesterday it was published in the official parliamentary newspaper “Voice of Ukraine”.

The law “On plant quarantine” provides that conduct phytosanitary examination can both public and private laboratories at the choice of the owner of the cargo, but private – only for export goods. The order of carrying out of such examination will establish the Cabinet.

If the product owner chose private lab, the day before the sampling he is obliged to inform the state service on safety of foodstuffs and consumer protection (using electronic means). In the message it is necessary to specify what kind of transport is it, what’s the cargo, and date and time of sampling.

In this case, the employee of a private laboratory samples, and the representative of the state laboratory to oversee the process. However, the absence of a civil servant is not a barrier to sampling and issuing of the certificate.

If in the course of the year five times and more violated sampling methods, it is possible to petition for temporary suspension or cancellation of the certificate about accreditation of phytosanitary laboratories.

It is noted that the laboratory performs the examination of goods for export subject to the phytosanitary requirements of the importing country. The validity of the conclusion of phytosanitary examination is 14 days. During this time the owner of the goods may challenge the results of the examination. Repeated (or arbitration) will conduct checks of the state authorized laboratory.

The act provides for the establishment of a Register of authorized phytosanitary laboratories. It should maintain in electronic form the State service of Ukraine on issues of food safety and consumer protection.

If the second time during the year, the laboratory has violated the law, so that the importing country is sent more than two notifications of lack of conformity to standards, provides for a fine from 1700 to 3400 UAH.

Recall, the Verkhovna Rada adopted the law of 10 July 2018 234 votes of people’s deputies. The document will be put into effect February 2, 2019, and norms about responsibility of officials of the laboratories three years later.

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