In Ukraine came into force a law that will allow to take the child abroad without the consent of one parent

В Украине вступил в силу закон, который позволит вывозить ребенка за границу без согласия одного из родителей

In Ukraine came into force law No. 2475-VIII on strengthening the responsibility of unscrupulous parents and a new order of departure of children abroad. A month ago the document was published in the official parliamentary newspaper “Voice of Ukraine”.

According to the law, the parent with whom the child lives can decide that the son or daughter going abroad for up to a month – to learn, to relax and travel, medical treatment and so on. In particular, if the other parent pays child support faithfully and not hidden – it should indicate where and for what period goes to a child.

One of the parents with whom the child lives may make the decision to leave the child for a longer period, if the other parent does not pay child support four months.

On the other hand, to go abroad with the child and the parent who lives separately – if he faithfully pays child support. To do this, he must send a registered letter with return receipt requested to the former spouse. Within 10 days should come with a notarized permission, otherwise you can go to court with the statement for granting permission to leave the child abroad without the permission of the other parent.

The law also increases penalties for unscrupulous parents. In particular, if the debtor for alimony for two days without a valid reason does not come to community service – it is believed that he evaded them, but that’s another article adminkodeksa. It provides for administrative arrest up to 10 days.

If after such arrest people without good reason more than two times in a month does not go to socially useful work or refuses to work or attend the workplace drunk – this is a “malicious evasion” is a crime. Punishment – imprisonment up to 2 years.

According to the law, a person can refuse to register a change on the participants of the legal entity in connection with the share change, if we are talking about the founder or participant of a legal entity that is owed the alimony.

Such debtor may refuse re-registration or deregistration of the vehicle for re-sale – and territorial bodies of the Ministry of interior are obliged to notify about this machine state Executive service or private contractor.

In addition, increased penalties for unscrupulous parents that do not form the necessary conditions of life, education and upbringing of children. If previously it was about the amount of a hundred hryvnia, according to the law, the penalty ranges from 850 to 1700 UAH, and for repeated infringement within a year – from 1700 to 5100 UAH.

Previously, if a juvenile has committed an administrative violation – parents had to pay from 51 to 85 UAH of a penalty; the amount was increased to 850-1700 UAH.

In the case of a criminal offence a child who is not responsible, his parents previously faced a penalty from 170 to 340 UAH, and according to this law, from 1700 to 5100 UAH.

If one parent does not pay money for the seriously ill child – penalties will begin at 3 months of debt. In this case, the offender may be socially useful work for the term of 120-240 hours. If within two months after the execution of such public works people did not pay the amount of child support – the new penalties will provide work for a period of 240-360 hours (maximum of 45 working days at 8 hours).

According to the document, seriously ill – a child suffering from severe perinatal lesions of the nervous system, severe congenital malformations, a rare orphan diseases, cancer, hematological diseases, cerebral palsy, severe mental disorders, diabetes type I (insulin-dependent), acute or chronic kidney disease grade IV, or if the child was seriously injured, in need of organ transplantation or palliative care.

Recall, the Verkhovna Rada adopted this law on 3 July 2018 230 votes of people’s deputies. The document published in the official parliamentary newspaper “Voice of Ukraine” of 28 July.

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