In Ukraine came into force the law on which the enterprises of Ukroboronprom are exempt from payment of penalties to the companies from Russia

В Украине вступил в силу закон, по которому предприятия Укроборонпрома освобождаются от выплаты пени компаниям из РФ

In Ukraine came into force law No. 2508-VIII, which exempts the enterprises of defense industry complex (DIC) of strategic importance for Ukraine, from the payment of penalties to the companies of the aggressor. Yesterday the document was published in the official parliamentary newspaper “Voice of Ukraine”.

The law prohibits enforce the decisions of foreign courts for the recovery of debts of the Ukrainian enterprises of the defense industry in favor of companies of the state-occupier. In particular, if the company is registered in a country or its Executive management body is there or enterprise is controlled from the aggressor state.

In addition, ordered to stop production already open and not open a new one. According to the document, it is impossible to open the proceedings on bankruptcy of enterprises of the defense industry.

Restrictions apply including on the obligations in which he replaced, but first and foremost the duty of the defense industry enterprises have arisen in relation to legal entities of the aggressor state.

The necessity of such decision was explained by the fact that the Ukrainian defence industry enterprises are unable to fulfil their obligations and supply goods in Russia for military purposes and dual-use because of restrictions imposed by the President of Ukraine in connection with the armed aggression of Russia in Donbass. Then the companies of the Russian Federation began to appeal to Russian courts for recovery debts, fines and other penalties, despite links to Ukrainian enterprises on force majeure.

Recall, the Verkhovna Rada adopted the law in July 2018 244 votes of people’s deputies. Recently, the President of Ukraine signed the document.

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