In Ukraine celebrate the Day

В Украине отмечают День войск связи

In Ukraine, August 8 celebrate the Day. The corresponding decree was signed by the second President of Ukraine Leonid Kuchma on 1 February 2000.

The current head of state congratulated the communicators.

В Украине отмечают День войск связи

Also military communicators congratulated the commander of the United forces Sergey New, reports the press service of the headquarters of the environmental protection.

“Dear military friends, soldiers, communicators, myself, and the personnel of the joint forces congratulate you on your professional holiday – the Day. Without reliable, clear communication in modern conditions it is impossible the existence of the army. Thank you for your courage and heroic performance of duties, valor and bravery. I am convinced that you will continue with the example of high professionalism and patriotism,” the message reads.

For his part, Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman thanked the operators for dedicated service.

“Reform of the Ukrainian army provides a rapid and radical modernization of the army, the introduction of NATO standards, the transition to the Armed Forces, able to respond to the dangerous challenges of the present and effectively oppose the aggressor. Army communications, in particular, are one of the key elements of a modern army, so the reform of the Armed Forces is subject to the requirements of the information era. Corps must meet the highest criteria of speed and security of transmission of information, efficiency in communication between departments in modern open military conflict,” he said.

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