In Ukraine from-for bad weather 118 is de-energized settlements

В Украине из-за непогоды обесточены 118 населенных пунктов

In Ukraine, due to thunderstorms and strong wind de-energized 118 settlements. This was reported in the State emergency service (SES).

“As a result of complications of weather conditions (rain, gusts) due to the actuation of protection systems power lines de-energized 118 settlements in 4 areas, namely: Lviv – 59 settlement, Ternopil – 28 settlement, Volyn – 22 n and Chernivtsi – 9 settlement To restore electricity brought brigade power companies”, – stated in the message.

Earlier Reuters reported that on Wednesday, August 1, on bolshej parts of territory of Ukraine is expected dry weather just to the West of the country will be precipitation in form of rain. In the afternoon the thermometer warms up to 33 degrees.

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