In Ukraine there is no epidemic of measles, there are only sporadic outbreaks of the disease, – the Ministry of health

В Украине нет эпидемии кори, наблюдаются лишь отдельные вспышки заболевания, - Минздрав

In Ukraine there is no epidemic of measles, there is only sporadic outbreaks of the disease. This was told first Deputy General Director of the Centre for public health, Ministry of health Victor Lyashko, reports “UKRINFORM”.

“We don’t call the situation with the incidence of measles in Ukraine the epidemic. This flash, as we witness an increase in morbidity. We have an unstable epidemiological situation regarding measles, but it’s projected five-year cyclical rise in the incidence of measles. It warned all epidemiologists of Ukraine that if Ukrainians will not be vaccinated, cyclical outbreaks of measles will grow and cover the population,” — said Lyashko.

According to him, the 2017 was the first year in a decade when they managed to cover the vaccination against measles, mumps and rubella 90% of children in the first year of life and 93% of children up to 6 years a booster. And before that, since 2008, coverage of vaccination have never exceeded 90%.

He noted that this year there is positive dynamics of vaccination against measles, mumps and rubella in routine immunization.

“However, Ukrainians continue to get sick with measles: children who were not vaccinated and became sick adults. Ukraine is a leader in the European region regarding the spread of measles. If our country will not change relative to the encompassing vaccinations, that may face our country, as measles can come in particularly dangerous diseases: diphtheria, polio”, — said the expert.

Victor Lyashko added that the health Ministry has taken drastic measures to curb the spread of measles.

“Introduced a three-year plan that will allow you to place the order for the next three years, plan delivery and resolve problematic issues of availability of vaccines at the vaccination clinics. It is also allowed to vaccinate the remnants of vaccines purchased in previous years, adults who were in contact with the patients and risk groups (health workers, teachers)”, – said the representative of the Centre for public health, Ministry of health.

He stressed that management decisions have been made, “you only have to communicate with people, to do the necessary vaccinations”.

Recall that in Ukraine for a week from 6 to 12 August with measles is sick, 771 people – 327 adults and 444 children. And since the beginning of the year the country got measles 28 thousand 889 people.

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