In Ukraine will change the system of examination and publication of textbooks, – Grinevich

В Украине изменят систему экспертизы и издания учебников, - Гриневич

The Institute of modernization of content of education, which is now responsible for the examination of textbooks and their purchase, will be reorganized in connection with the violation of the terms of the printing of textbooks. This was announced by the Minister of education and science of Ukraine Liliya Hrynevych during a Cabinet meeting.

The reorganization will involve changes in the structure and powers of the Institute – transfer of examination of the books of another institution, as well as updating staff IMSO.

Grinevich reported that from the beginning of printing of textbooks this year had a number of risks, as now printed 2.5 times more textbooks than usual – more than 18 million copies and immediately three series of textbooks: for 1, 5 and 10 classes.

In General, according to the Minister, the delivery of textbooks to schools move in an average month.

“The textbooks in all subjects 1, 5, 10 classes will be posted on the website of the Ministry of education and IMSO on 1 September. The first month for 1 class adaptation. It is provided that first graders should not even use the textbooks during this time,” the Minister said.

She also reported that all the materials can also be found on the website of the Ministry of education.

“I urge teachers not to ask parents to buy textbooks, don’t ask them to buy printed notebook. The first month you’ll not need them”, – said the Minister.

However, she noted that according to the preliminary plan textbooks for class 1 should be in schools for September 1 – it was fundamentally important for teachers and their training.

According to the Minister, the violation of the terms average for the month was due to four main reasons:

  • blocking purchases by publishers through lawsuits;
  • the limited printing capacity of Ukraine;
  • bad the procedure of examination of textbooks;
  • institutional weakness.

Violation of the terms of the distribution of textbooks the Ministry of education was forced to work on complex change examination procedures for the purchase and distribution of powers in this area.

“The audit, I have already appointed on 4 September to 5 October. Its results is going to be reorganized, which provides for the dismissal of all employees and holding a second competition for the position. The procedure for the examination of textbooks will generally be selected from IMSO and transferred to another institution, the Educational – methodological center for quality education”, – said the Minister.

It is also stated that in 2020 the Ministry of education plans to separate the question of the purchase of original textbooks and procurement of printing services for printing of textbooks.

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