In Uman will come to 80 thousand pilgrims Hasidim, Ambassador of Israel

В Умань приедут до 80 тыс. паломников-хасидов, - посол Израиля

In Ukraine are expected to arrive to 80 thousand Hasidic pilgrims who are traveling to Uman to celebrate the Jewish New year – Rosh Hashanah. This was announced by the Ambassador of Israel in Ukraine, Joel Lyon, reports the press service of the National police.

“According to information we get from travel agencies and airlines, is expected to arrive in Ukraine from 50 to 80 thousand pilgrims. To help Israeli citizens in place will open a Consulate,” he said.

The head of the National police Sergey Knyazev noted that even in the context of a hybrid war Ukrainian police are making every effort so that the pilgrims do not feel its effects and was safe.

Recall that on 5 September in Uman for the celebration of the New year (Rosh Hashanah) of the Jewish calendar has arrived about 3 thousand pilgrims Hasidim. So the city began to strengthen security measures.

Every year, Uman is a pilgrimage of Jews who are followers of the Bratslav Hasidism (one of the trends in Hasidic Judaism), on the grave of their spiritual leader Tzadik Nachman.

Traditionally, they come to this city in September, because for them, Uman – one of the most revered shrines, the annual mass pilgrimage site.

This year the celebration will begin on Sunday 9 September and will continue until Tuesday 11 September.

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