In USA approved selling tablets with a microchip

The administration for quality control of food and drug administration first approved the sale of pills with a microchip. A “smart” tool will be used in the struggle with psychosis.


The corresponding decision, the office received yesterday, November 13. Sensor embedded in a drug, to learn if the pill the patient and when he did it. The first digital medicine called Abilify MyCite. This drug is taken to treat schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and depression. The tablets developed by one of Japanese pharmaceutical companies.

The microchip is activated when exposed to gastric juice. Information about taking the pill first arrive at the digital patch attached to the patient, and then to the mobile app for data tracking. The patient signs documents that allow the physician and family members to track this information.

Doctors have evaluated the effectiveness of the method. But there are skeptics who do not exclude the possibility that the tool will be used for the enforcement of any action.