In Uzhgorod, the ex-wife of the head of national police Knyazev knocked down a motorcyclist.

  • В Ужгороде экс-супруга главы Нацполиции Князева сбила мотоциклиста, - СМИ

  • В Ужгороде экс-супруга главы Нацполиции Князева сбила мотоциклиста, - СМИ

  • В Ужгороде экс-супруга главы Нацполиции Князева сбила мотоциклиста, - СМИ

In Uzhgorod as a result of road traffic accidents injured motorcyclist: during the turn of the street Linturi was run down by the SUV Volkswagen Touareg, at the wheel which, presumably, was the ex-wife of the head of the National police of Sergey Knyazev, reports “Zakarpattya”.

As noted, the accident occurred the night before.

After the collision, according to eyewitnesses, the driver of the car began hastily to remove from vehicle license plates, and in the process of registration of road accident almost all the time was in the car of the head of the local police.

Later, according to the publication, on the scene arrived about a half dozen friends of the victim. They demanded that the culprit of the accident compensated for the rider treatment and the repair of the vehicle.

Note, he himself was hospitalized with polytrauma.

The publication stresses that the involvement of the ex-wife of Sergey Knyazev Victoria to the injury of the rider is indicated by the fact that she has an apartment down the street Linturi, 17, in Uzhgorod and cars Volkswagen Touareg 2013, similar to what appears in the photos from the event.

Besides, on a place of accident there arrived many times more police than usual.

According to the latest information, now the life of the victim threatens nothing. “The doctors say that the biker dislocation of the hip. Life is not in danger, but he’s in a hospital bed,” – said the TV channel “112 Ukraine”, the correspondent from an event place.

As for the identity of the SUV driver – in the management of national police of the Transcarpathian region, the channel neither denied nor confirmed the information that the wheel of the Volkswagen Touareg was the ex-wife Knyazev.

On the site of the local police about the event reads: “August 9 at 21:33 on the line “102” received a message about an accident in Babyak street in Uzhgorod. On the scene left the investigative team, which found that the accident occurred with the participation of Volkswagen and BMW motorcycle. On this fact police opened criminal proceedings under part 1 article 286 of the criminal code. The police establishes the circumstances of the incident. The motorcyclist was taken to hospital, pre-diagnosed hip dislocation”.

We will remind, Sergey Knyazev, before he became the head of the National police, headed GU Ministry of internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Transcarpathian region, and subsequently “reformed” in GU NP of Ukraine in the Transcarpathian region, and lived in Uzhgorod.

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