In Vidrodjennia insist on the implementation of the constitutional court decision on social guarantees for Chernobyl cleanup veterans

The deputies of the “Party “Vidrodzhennya” registered in Parliament a bill that will ensure the entry into force of the decision of the constitutional court of Ukraine (CCU) on the renewal of social guarantees for Chernobyl.

This was announced by the Chairman of the political Council of the Party “Renaissance” Vladimir Pilipenko.

Recall that in its decision of July 17, 2018, the CCU declared unconstitutional certain provisions of laws “On amendments and invalidation of some legislative acts of Ukraine” and “On status and social protection of citizens affected by the Chernobyl disaster”. Laws were passed in 2014 and narrowed or even cancelled number of rights to victims of Chernobyl.

Thus, KSU returned the rights of Chernobyl veterans of the 2nd category on the free provision of sanatorium-resort vouchers, restored the rights of victims of the Chernobyl disaster on children free travel to Ukraine for all modes of transport, the right to annual free sanatorium-resort service, the payment of their parents benefits and monetary compensation. In addition, to restore the rights of Chernobyl on free medicines, extraordinary free dentures, 50 percent discount on housing and communal services on the average monthly cumulative income of their families, as well as other rights.

“The rules on the abolition of restrictions on the size of additional pension for damage to health, compensation to families for loss of a breadwinner as a result of the Chernobyl disaster should be reviewed by the state immediately after the decision of the constitutional court. But a number of rules – for example, changes to the Law of Ukraine “On status and social protection of citizens affected by the Chernobyl disaster” – must still be voted on by Parliament. Only after this decision, the COP will be able to earn in full force. For this purpose the deputies of the “Party “Vidrodzhennya” has registered a draft law designed to speed up the process. Will demand to Parliament in the autumn considered this question as a priority”, – said Vladimir Pilipenko.

As stated on the website of the Parliament, the bill on amendments to the Law of Ukraine “On status and social protection of citizens affected by the Chernobyl disaster (as to bringing its norms into line with the decision of the constitutional Court of Ukraine of 17 July 2018 № 6-p/2018)” was August 8, 2018 number 9016.

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