In Vienna, talks between Lavrov and Tillerson

In Vienna, started the talks between Sergei Lavrov, who is the head of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation and Rex Tillerson, the Secretary of state of the United States of America. The Ministers will discuss the situation around North Korea.


The U.S. and Russia met on the sidelines of the official meetings of the Council of foreign Ministers of the Organization for security and cooperation in Europe. In terms of politics today to discuss these issues of global scale such as: the settlement of the situation in Syria, resolving the crisis in Ukraine, as well as discussion of possible action regarding the situation around the DPRK. Also Sergey Lavrov is to discuss with Rex Tillerson information about that in the USA the representatives of the Russian media is some pressure.

It will be recalled that earlier, Tillerson called the conditions for lifting the sanctions restrictions of the Russian state, among whom was the return of the Crimean Peninsula into the possession of the Ukraine.