In Volgograd car travels with ghosts

On 7 December one of the drivers of Volgograd has published a picture, which shows a KIA Ceed with two “ghosts”. Residents actively discuss the picture with the car.


In Volgograd the man on the way to work I noticed the car, which lifted the mood in the morning. Picture posted in the Internet with the appropriate signature. According to the picture, the rear window of the KIA Ceed was assigned to two masks of the protagonist of the film “Saw”, which are considered ghosts.

The have been actively discussing the city’s residents. As a result, the rotor was divided into two “camps”: some decorations in the salon amused, others are afraid of what they saw.

One of the residents of the city wrote that the mood lifted, however, if it collided with a car on the road, frightened. Another driver suggested that the mask also needs to glow in the dark, that would give them an even more fearsome appearance.


What motivated the driver of a Korean car, is unknown. We can say one thing: without the attention of a rotor the car with the “ghosts” left.