In Volgograd the woman asked the police to spare her oral sex with her husband

The fifth of December, 52-year-old resident of Volgograd has addressed in law enforcement bodies with the statement for rape their own spouse. Later, as it turned out during the investigation, with the assistance of the police woman wants to stop the attempts of her husband to force her to perform oral sex.


The “victim” claims that her 51-year-old roommate, with whom she is cohabiting for 4 years, can not sexual intercourse in a natural way. So he forced her to have oral sex, which is unpleasant for her. The woman said that will not go away from her husband because of a great love, but to tolerate such “abuse” no longer wants. After all, as the “victim”, all of them together perfectly, except for this intimate moment.

Volgogradka has refused to write a statement and does not want to bring his partner to trial, however, insisted that the investigation Department to help her decide such an intimate question.