In Voronezh the girl with a naked ass walking his dog, puzzled residents

In Voronezh, local residents were puzzled by a girl with a naked ass walking his dog. The corresponding frame is snared, then the main character from the pictures rained down a barrage of negative and humorous comments.


We are talking about the picture where the young lady in the frost standing in the street only in a shirt and sneakers, and on her feet she did not, and clearly visible buttocks. In this case, the girl holding the leash of a dog, his back turned to the photographer. Many users noted that it is through such persons reduced the birth rate in the country.

Commentators also joked – cute girl just came out to cool off, and some said that the owner just decided to support your pet “in such a delicate matter”. Overall, the Voronezh residents took such an act is ambiguous, but for some reason, the girl bared his ass in the cold – so no one realized.