In Warsaw desecrated the monument to Soviet soldiers

In the Polish city of Warsaw city vandals poured paint over a monument to Soviet soldiers. Eyewitnesses said that this process was watched by the police, but no response from them followed.

This memorial is often subjected to vandalism. Prior to that, from the monument chipped a few fragments and wrote obscenities.

According to sources, all is the handiwork of the “Confederation of independent Poland”. Its members oppose the existence of such monuments in Poland. Members of the organization say that the army of the USSR occupied Poland and not liberated from the Nazis. The government supports the spirit of the organization, and in October 2017, officials have adopted a law on the demolition of monuments to the Communist era.

At the end of 2017 the government of Murmansk refused to be a sister city to Szczecin. The reason for this was the demolition of monuments of Gratitude to the Soviet soldiers from city streets. Russian Ambassador Sergei Andreyev said that by the summer of 2017 in Poland, has been demolished 23 of the monument dedicated to the soldiers of the Soviet Union.