In Warsaw, the United States and Israel want to put the pressure on Iran

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The american vice-president Mike Pence and israeli Prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu will on Thursday in Warsaw to increase the pressure on Iran, at an international conference shunned by european leaders leading worried of the american line displayed on Tehran.

Inaugurated on Wednesday at the royal Castle in the historical centre of the Polish capital, this two-day meeting for the vague objective of “promoting peace and security in the Middle East”, but distinguished more by the absence than by the personalities present.

Most of the major european countries have sent to Warsaw as the managers of the second plan.

It is snob me by the Russian federation, which is organizing Thursday parallel negotiations in Sochi with the president of iran Hassan Rohani and Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Syria, where Moscow is a major player.

In Warsaw, Turkey, a Nato member, will be represented by staff of the embassy.

Starting on Wednesday of the conference, under the leadership of the United States, also intervened on the day of a suicide attack against the army of the elite of the regime in Iran, which has killed 27 people in the province of Sistan-Baluchistan (south-east).

The head of the diplomacy of iran Mohammad Javad Zarif has reacted by stating that “this is not a coincidence that Iran has been struck by the terror on the same day” which has started the Warsaw conference, which he described as a “circus”.

Conference “stillborn”

Tehran had qualified as a failure even before his inauguration, saying that the United States tried to speak on behalf of other countries, rather than exchanging points of view.

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“It is a new attempt of the United States to continue with their obsession with Iran is unfounded,” said in Tehran, Mohammad Javad Zarif. “The Warsaw conference, I think, is dead-born”, he added.

Even Poland, with its conservative government anxious to please Washington, supports the agreement reached in 2015 that plans to ease the sanctions imposed on Iran in exchange for freezing of its nuclear program.

Mr Netanyahu, speaking before arriving in Warsaw, said that Israel had carried out Monday to new military strikes on sites in Syria linked to Iran, intended to rid them of the presence of Iranians and their ally, the Hezbollah.

The administration Trump has insisted that it wanted changes in the policy of Iran in the Middle East, but that she was not seeking to overthrow the regime that has seen the light of day 40 years ago following the islamic revolution that toppled the shah.

However, the former mayor of New York Rudy Giuliani, who is the advocate staff of Donald Trump but it does not represent the american government, has openly called for a regime change during a meeting in Warsaw of the Mujahideen of the people – the iranian opposition in exile, close to the american conservative.

Iran “should be ostracized”, he hammered out, speaking for “a regime change in Iran, so that there is a democratic regime, legal”.

Hope for Yemen

Poland, which Iran has summoned the charge d’affaires in Tehran to show him his wrath, has sought to underline the fact that this country was not the only subject of the conference.

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In Warsaw, the United States must discuss proposals for peace between Israel and the Palestinians, an “agreement of the century”, according to them, prepared by Jared Kushner. The advisor and son-in-law of Donald Trump needs to speak Thursday at the conference.

On Tuesday, saudi Arabia had reiterated its support for “a State (palestinian) independent, with East Jerusalem as its capital”, a longstanding demand of the Palestinians.

The Uk Jeremy Hunt, one of the few representatives of the forefront of european diplomacy have gone to Warsaw, has said that he wanted to focus on the possibilities to put an end to the conflict in Yemen.

Millions of Yemenis are on the verge of famine and their country has experienced one of the worst cholera epidemics in modern times, while saudi Arabia and the united arab Emirates, supported by the United States, seek to bombard and block the rebel Houthis linked to Iran.

Mr. Hunt, whose country is also a major supplier of arms to Riyadh, met Tuesday evening in Warsaw, the us secretary of State Mike Pompeo and officials of saudi Arabia and the united arab Emirates.

The head of british diplomacy said that he hoped an extension of the cease-fire of seven weeks, who had been widely respected in the major port city of Hodeida.

“We now have an opportunity of more and more limited to transform the ceasefire into a sustainable path towards peace – and bring an end to the worst humanitarian crisis in the world,” said Mr. Hunt.

“Real progress has been made in achieving a political solution, but there are also real problems of trust between the two parties”, he added.