In Washington, filling the office of “Kaspersky Lab”

One of the world leaders in the development of systems of protection against viruses and hacker attacks is closing its office in Washington. According to the press Secretary of the head of the Washington office, the reason for this was the exhaustion of primary appointment unit.


Today it became known, that the Washington office of “Kaspersky Lab”, which is quite a long time provided their services to the public services of the United States were eliminated and one will have to leave Arlington. Officially, the reason for that was the order of the government and break a work contract with the state. Many heads of departments of the state security services suspected that the cooperation with “Kaspersky Lab” may soon become a serious threat of information leaks and national security in General.

However, despite the elimination of the D.C. office, “Kaspersky Lab” expands your horizons. The Corporation plans to open an office in Toronto, capital of Canada and two offices in Chicago and Los Angeles.