In Yakutia within the skeleton of a mammoth found an amazing spear

Amazing spear handed over to the mammoth Museum at North-Eastern Federal University. Unique weapons of ancient hunters found the skeleton of a giant – it stuck in the ribs of the animal.


A spear with a length of 30 centimeters was found by the subsoil users. They were engaged in the extraction of mammoth tusks, and with them found a perfectly polished tip. The miners noted that at a distance from the stabbing of the spears, were grooves that are suggested on the use of the machine in the manufacture of weapons. The Director of the mammoth Museum Semyon Grigoriev said that in these grooves put a sharp stone plates to increase affecting the function of the spear. The scientist said that this technology emerged just before the extinction of mammoths – only 12 thousand years ago.

At the moment it is unclear whether there was a spear cause the death of the animal. Specialists study and compare the age of the weapons and remains of a mammoth.