In Yaroslavl nine people injured in road accident with bus

In Zavolzhsky area of Yaroslavl, about nine o’clock in the morning Moscow time there was a collision of two passenger buses “the GROOVE”. In the incident a traffic accident injured nine people, among them two children.


On a massive crash in Yaroslavl, which took place today in the region of nine o’clock in the morning, was sent to rescue outfits and law enforcement officials to eliminate the consequences of the accident. In a frontal collision of two passenger buses EN route to local transportation routes № 99 and № 139-A, suffered for up to nine people. Among the victims were two children who had to be hospitalized in the nearest children’s hospital, and the adults injured in the accident, was sent to the hospital in Solovievsky hospital. Health workers reported that the nature of his injuries, the victims are not life-threatening.

It is worth noting that in a serious road accident in Mari El Republic on November 16, on Thursday, killing 15 people. In the accident collided with a truck equipped with a trailer and passenger bus. One passenger died on way to hospital, and another 14 died at the scene of the accident resulting in his injuries.