Inauguration late of the promenade River-Mountain

Mario Beauregard

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The promenade River-Mountain, large-scale project of the celebrations of the 375th anniversary of Montréal, will ultimately cost 13M$ more than expected and will be inaugurated on Monday, two months after the scheduled date.

If New York has its high line, the Montreal, she now has her walk River-Mountain: an “emblematic parcours”, which was announced in 2015, which was to be completed on the eve of the anniversary of the city, on may 16.

The path pedestrian 3.8 km connects the “two natural icons” of the metropolis: the mount Royal and the St. Lawrence river. The initial budget of 42.4 M$ was to include, among other things, the redevelopment of the McTavish street and avenue des Pins, the repair of the underground infrastructure of the avenue Docteur-Penfield and rue Sherbrooke, and the planning of intersections safe between Peel street and McGill College avenue.

The expenditure amounted finally to 55.4 M$, although some projects had to be carried out on a smaller scale. For example, only one lane of the avenue McGill has been cut to install terraces, while the initial project required the closure of two lanes and the installation of an urban park in the city centre. The Gazette reports that the change was made following a discussion between the city and the owners of the shops surrounding it.

The English-language newspaper also indicates that the 13M extra$ would be, in large part, attributed to the low number of bidders for tenders related to different contracts. Without competition, contractors were able to ask 17% to 21.5% more than the estimated of the City.

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“Entrepreneurs know that upon [a contract] is identified [as a project of the 375th anniversary], the administration does not want to delay the work, commented to the Metro councilor for Project Montréal, Émilie Thuillier. It is poor planning.”

And the result does not correspond to the expectations, high, opposition to the City. “We were given the image of the Highline, but this is not it at all. This is not strong enough to be perceived as a must. And it might have been”, is it sorry.

The promenade, River and Mountain has as objective to make discover montreal’s heritage to tourists and local residents. The route guides the walker through the development of urban art, rest areas, pedestrian overpasses, and “spaces reverdis”.

The activities of inauguration will take place at noon on the McTavish street, recently pedestrianised, between Sherbrooke street West and avenue Docteur-Penfield.

The City has not responded to interview requests from Metro.

The promenade River-Mountain extends for 3.8 km.