An increasing number of attacks from the territory of the Russian

increasing number of attacks
increasing number of attacks

In the area of ​​ATO activity declines attacks by occupation group n-terrorist forces, but increased the number of firing strokes that are applied to Russia. This on its Facebook page said the head of the Military-Political Studies D. TIMCHUK.
According to data of the “Information resistance”, mortar and MLRS BM-21 “Grad” were shot positions Ukrainian troops near Debaltsevo Nikitin, Faschivky, Red Talivky, Dams.
With the RF struck by Ukrainian troops positions in the areas of Merry Mount, Dmytrivka, Victory Valuyska.
“The shelling was carried out using MLRS BM-30” Smerch “. Near the towns of Pobeda MLRS” Smerch “position of Ukrainian troops fired three times,” – said Timchuk.

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