India: 17 dead in a hotel fire in New Delhi

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 NEW DELHI, India | At least 17 people died on Tuesday before dawn in a fire in a hotel in the centre of New Delhi, announced to the AFP the fire brigade of the indian capital.

The fire erupted at the hotel Arpit Palace is located in a densely populated area and central area of the city, and destroyed all the top floor.

“We have confirmed with the hospital authorities, the balance now is 17 (dead), of which a child”, said to AFP Sunil Choudhary, head of the fire brigades.

The fire was under control after several hours, and 35 people were rescued by firefighters. According to the local press, a woman and a child are dead when they tried to save themselves by jumping out of the window.

“There were wooden panels in the hallways, because of what people were not able to use the corridors to evacuate,” said another official of the fire department to the press.

Accidental fires are common in India due to regulation, lax and non-compliance common security standards.

In December, eight people were killed and over a hundred have been injured in a fire that was declared in a public hospital in Bombay (west).

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