Inhabitant of the Kherson area were arrested for 60 days for the illegal transportation of seamen abroad

Жителя Херсонской области арестовали на 60 дней за незаконную переправку моряков за границу

At the checkpoint “Ishmael” (the Odessa oblast) on 19 July, customs officers detained a resident of Kherson region, who is suspected of illegal trafficking of people through the Ukrainian border, and on 20 July the court decided to keep him under custody for 60 days. This reports the press service of the Prosecutor of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea.

The investigation reports that the suspect is the inhabitant of the Kherson area who had work experience in the Maritime industry and, being in the position of Director of a crewing companies, which specializiruetsya the recruitment and employment of seamen on vessels other than goods illegally transported people through the Ukrainian border.

According to investigators, an organized group for 2015-2017 organized the channel of illegal movement of sailors through the closed border crossing points on the temporarily occupied territory of Crimea for the further employment of people on the vessel in Moldova and Tanzania.

Now the investigation continues.

We will remind that earlier in Greece two Ukrainians were arrested 180 years for transporting illegal immigrants to Europe. All prisons in Greece are sitting about 160 Ukrainians suspected of transporting illegal migrants.

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