Insiders leaked information about the Huawei flagship with a camera 40 MP

Insider named Evan Blass, known for its accurate and early information on new devices leaking information about the flagship Huawei at 40 megapixels. It is noted that the device may be a real breakthrough year for the company.


We are ready to produce smartphones P-Series, have high quality and the camera in them is going to be a triple. Characteristics of frontally also will not give in, and foreshadowed about 24 megapixels for her. The device is equipped with maximum and other improved characteristics, which will enable Huawei to compete with competitors “Apple” of the company.

According to preliminary data, the presentation of the flagship could take place next year. According to some sources, it will happen in the winter, but Evan Blass insists that users will be familiar with the gadget, only in summer next year.