Instagram added the ability to make purchases and pay for services

Instagram добавил возможность совершать покупки и оплачивать услуги

Instagram added the ability to make purchases and pay for services
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However, this feature can only U.S. residents.

Social network Instagram has launched a test function built-in payments. Now some users can pay for goods and services, without having to go to the merchant’s site, told the publication TechCrunch.

Noted that soon all users will be able to pay for restaurant reservations, movie ticket or a visit to the salon, without leaving the app. For this you only need to add a credit card to use for payment.

In a press-service of the social network added that it will be a significant incentive for advertisers to invest more in advertising, because now Instagram will not only be branding platform, but also trading.

However, to take this opportunity while you can only U.S. residents. Future payments will be gradually introduced in other countries, but the exact timing yet.

Previously, the social network has also introduced a feature group video calling. This idea came because of Instagram Direct. The developers had noticed that users often communicate with each other using. Now video calling has provided a limited number of users, but within a couple of weeks it will become available to an increasing number of people.


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