Instead of reforms the Ministry of health is responsible for the destruction of Ukrainian history.

Вместо реформ Минздрав занимается уничтожением украинской истории, – эксперт

The deprivation of the National medical University named after him, Alexander Bogomolets and combining it with Medical Museum – a waste of time and effort, as well as the destruction of Ukrainian history. Such a statement on his page in Facebook made blogger Sergey Naumovich.

“It can be safely called “145th reform”: Groisman, MOZ, decided to rename the national medical University. Alexander Bogomolets national medical University no “to them. Alexander Bogomolets” because of the Association with the Museum! You know, they have so much free time that are already engaged in such blatant heh***th and destruction of our history,” wrote the blogger.

He also noted that thus the Ministry of health is trying to “settle scores” with the people’s Deputy Olga Bogomolets, which often criticizes the activities of the acting Minister Uliana Suprun.

“In the Ukrainian modern medicine so many problems that spending time on renaming — it is at least strange, agree. And if it is a settling of accounts a well-known women on the other, you understand you are there without trampling on the best pages of our history, OK? I really like many of the posts Suprun about health, but if in a fit of ambition and personal dislike of Olga Bogomolets she believes she has already reached such an authority that she has allowed for the country to decide which pages of our history are more important, and which less, it is a mistake,” – said the activist.

N. also said that the renaming of the medical institution will require significant time and effort, and has also advised officials from the Ministry of health instead to implement reforms.

“It (the renaming of the University, – ed.) do not just up and changed the name on the website. This is a set of activities that takes a lot of time. Letters, resolutions, discussions etc. Engage in reforms, not heh***d!” summed up the blogger.

We will remind, earlier it became known that the Ministry of health has prepared a decree according to which national medical University want to take the name of a famous Ukrainian doctor and scientist Alexander Bogomolets, and the institution itself to merge with the National Museum of medicine.

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