Intelligence is the UK accused of “Kaspersky Lab” in espionage in favour of the FSB

The company “Kaspersky Lab” has involvement in spying on the residents of Britain in favor of the FSB. So consider local intelligence.


Security officials suggest that the Russian Corporation collects personal user data with the free access, who led the “Kaspersky Lab” in a credit institution Barclays.The Bank provided users with antivirus 2008, they are now two million people. Barclays has refused services of the company for some commercial reasons. However, there is no information that Bank customers have suffered damage.

Earlier media reported that the NSA data about the introduction of a Network of other States, was stolen by hackers from Russia, using the antivirus “Kaspersky”. According to press reports, the incident occurred two years, then, if the information was stolen from the PC contractor by the Agency.