International experts warn about improse in the Donbass

Международные эксперты предупреждают о химугрозе на Донбассе

In Ukraine there is the problem of chemical threats in the Donbas, as repeatedly mentioned in various talks, the representatives of the OSCE. This was during a press conference, said the OSCE project coordinator in Ukraine, Ambassador Vaidotas Verba, reports “UKRINFORM”.

“This is one of the issues referred to the competence of the OSCE. I casually mentioned that chemical threats have no borders. There is no line of demarcation to chemical threats… For some reason we can’t generate activity in certain parts of the country,” – said the OSCE.

“We have signaled in different negotiation formats (I worked with people who took part in the Minsk talks) that, despite a number of military issues, there are other things that concern people, it could threaten the population. We were trying to convey through various channels to all parties that the chemical threat is actually a very serious issue,” added willow.

In turn, Director of the International centre for chemical safety and security (ICCSS) in Warsaw, Krzysztof Paturej noted that the East of Ukraine was one of the centers of the chemical industry of the country, and Ukraine is “one of the largest producers of chemicals in Europe”.

“As a result of the conflict, again, some of their facilities have been abandoned, there are warehouses where chemicals are just dumped, they are not protected. Therefore, there is a real threat to the situation in the “chemical questions” in the East of Ukraine”, – said the expert.

Patura added that given all the risks of the program, introduced by the Ukrainian government and the OSCE, are important in order to prove “that the situation is under control and that the chemical substances may not be used for malicious purposes – for example, terrorism or hostilities.”

Earlier, the Ukrainian side to the JCCC repeatedly stated that Donbass is on the brink of ecological disaster.

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