Investigators revealed shadow the production of batteries, which brings the MP Jezerska a lot of money — documents

Structure, controlled by the MP Denis Dzenzersky, continue to shadow the production of automotive batteries and bring its owner hundreds of millions. Products manufacturing group Westa still prevailing in the Ukrainian market in this segment and also in large quantities exported to many countries.

It follows from the investigators of the Specialized anti-corruption Prosecutor’s office (ARS) and the National anti-corruption Bureau (NAB), which was available to the media, write “Ukrainian news”, citing “Kommentariyi”

Следователи раскрыли теневое производство аккумуляторов, которое приносит депутату Дзензерскому огромные деньги, — документы

Следователи раскрыли теневое производство аккумуляторов, которое приносит депутату Дзензерскому огромные деньги, — документы

Следователи раскрыли теневое производство аккумуляторов, которое приносит депутату Дзензерскому огромные деньги, — документы

“The enterprises of group of companies of Westa still produce car batteries at its traditional production site of JSC “Dneprovsky machine-building plant”, the Chairman of the Board of which is Nikitin Dmitry. Producer Westa are the companies group, which concentrated the main production facilities — “Vesta-Dnepr” and “WESTA Industrial”. Formally, their production equipment is pledged to the creditors or arrested. Thus nobody can get access to a “Dnipro machine-building plant”, as the company has the status of a “sensitive site” with restricted access and paramilitary guards,” explained the journalists.

“Thanks to a special governmental decree, the area of production sites Westa — “Dnipro machine-building plant” — closed even to state regulatory authorities: the state ecoinspection of the Dnipropetrovsk region through the courts seeking to stop ecologically dangerous production facilities, where you can’t get it reviewer. It also indirectly testifies to the enormous production volumes”, – writes the edition.

“Formally, the production area of the Westa group are in bankruptcy proceedings. For this reason, the owner Mr. Denis dzenzerskyy avoids fulfillment of obligations by half a billion dollars to creditors. For this reason, shares of the Luxembourg holding company Westa ISIC was removed from listing on the Warsaw stock exchange, international investors lost 50 million. invested in shares of the company Zensursula, and the Ukrainian policy in Poland faces big trouble with the law with the prospect of five years in prison: the financial services authority (PFSA) has accused the company Zensursula in the withdrawal of funds attracted during IPO on offshore structures, resulting in the Polish pension Fund as one of the investors lost over a million dollars”, – informs the media.

As found by anti-corruption investigators, automotive batteries manufacturing company Westa still prevail in this segment in the Ukrainian market under different names. But about 80% of production is exported.

“The list of countries where controlled by the group of companies of Westa enterprises conduct export trade is enormous: Greece, USA, UK, Belarus, Moldova, Turkey, Poland, Italy, Armenia, Georgia, Iraq, Netherlands, France, Bulgaria, Hungary, Belgium, Azerbaijan, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Lebanon, Portugal, Yemen, Ireland and even the Russian Federation. Export group Westa carry the company “Abris Dnepr”, “Adonis Dnepr” and “WESTA CT Battery”. Investigators were able to identify the entire network of supply, and on the basis of customs data and find out the volume of exports that reach nearly a billion hryvnia,” — noted the authors of the investigation.

And to Denis Dzenzersky face prosecution for fictitious entrepreneurship, tax evasion, use of false documents.

“Before SAP sent the case Zensursula indefinitely, also addressed the possibility of blocking the illegal business of MP. Examples of such measures include the imposition of sanctions by the Council of national security and defence, as well as the application of sanctions of the Ministry of economic development and trade in the form of restrictions on the implementation of foreign economic activity for enterprises-satellites Westa group”, — stated in the investigation.

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