IPhone users X said about the deficiencies of the device

The owners of the new flagship iPhone X already to use the new gadget and can give a balanced assessment it in advance of the advertised advantages, but the disadvantages speak for some reason a few, because recent research has highlighted this aspect.


The new edge-to-edge smartphone from Apple was very astonished at some of the defects that emerge in the tablet for 80 thousand rubles. Some of the recorded disadvantages, however, can be attributed to the extremely banal. It was including on the activation of the device.

The owners reported that their phones after three or four days a strange green line that has appeared and then disappeared. It is also known that, to prevent similar has developed a special instruction, which can be found on the Internet.

In addition, a very important drawback was reaction iPhone X on temperature. When the temperature drops to extremely low smartphone stops responding to touches of the owner.
In General, reaction to the device is very positive. There are also mixed reviews, but fewer of them.