IPhone X continued to work after falling from height of 300 metres

The release of every gadget – especially much-anticipated – always accompanied by a variety of crash tests around the world. Some seem harmless, and some are frightening. Jubilee iPhone X has been through a lot but continued to work after falling from height of 300 metres.


Conducting such tests group service UnlockRiver decided to “drop” the iPhone X from height of bird’s flight. The original reads the figure of 1000 feet, which translated to meters will 304,8. It is unlikely that any smartphone today will survive such a test. The team tied X iPhone to the drone and launched into the sky. When the apparatus has reached the desired height, the gadget was released, and he landed on the concrete surface, ricocheted to the ground.

When the phone picked up, he continued to record videos, and OLED display was in perfect working condition. In addition, the glass of the screen is formed of splits or visible scratches. Why not tell about the back side of the case: he was completely broken and “out” got the chip, so iPhone owners X should still buy protective cases.