IPhone X found crackles in the speakers

Around the world has been simmering excitement about the new iPhone X, however, along with this, there are already enough negative reviews, as for example, recently users have discovered that speaker has a crackle.


They are outraged that the phone that costs more than a thousand dollars find such a significant deviation. A noise begins to occur, if you turn the phone on full volume. Also, you can hear, if you turn the conversation on speakerphone.

One of the visitors of the forum Reddit said that passed the iPhone X back and replaced it with the same model, but the problem repeated there. Apple this problem could not yet commented. Basically, it solves a fairly “quiet” with this new patch.

Earlier we wrote about the main shortcomings of the iPhone X that was discovered by users a week of active use. Among them are problems with the activation of the device, the main “chip” FaceID and more.