Ipsos barometer “Le Point”: Holland – 1 + 6 Sarkozy, Juppé steady

hollande-juppeThe president did not take his TV show. Sarkozy finds the first place in the UMP, but Juppe is the favorite of the French.

Difficult for Hollande to take advantage of a television show when, in the same movement, the case Fraisse, the bungling of Christian Eckert and the Jouyet-Fillon case disturb the message. The Head of State loses one point to 15% good opinions in our barometer Ipsos-Le Point in November . Amplitudes read more neatly when his score is finely analysis. Thus, Rémi Fraisse case penalizes among 18-24 years, where he lost half his support falling to 13% (against 26% the previous month). Same with environmentalists supporters: Hollande was down 19 points to receive only 18% good opinions.

However, his meeting with French TF1 had a positive impact with senior (and therefore the heart of the public television) and it goes from 8-24% in favor in the 70 years and older. He also regained ground among supporters PS – 40 to 44% – with whom he had fallen to 32% in September .

Alain Juppe dominates

For its part, Manuel Valls is stable, with 33% good opinions. Also suffered, but to a lesser extent, the repercussions of the case Fraisse youth (35% – 9 points) and supporters environmentalists (31% – 6 points). The Prime Minister is less exposed. He also found the colors in UMP (30%, +12 points).

Overall, no change, Alain Juppe dominates the political class with 54% good reviews (stable), retaining nine points ahead of second, Jack Lang, who is not really an opponent. If we stick to the presidential, mayor of Bordeaux 13 points ahead of his friend François Bayrou (5th in the standings with 41% good opinions), 17% point Nicolas Sarkozy, François Fillon 20 points and 21 Marine Le Pen Points (down one point overall with 33% good reviews).

Nicolas Sarkozy gets a health

After a difficult return, Nicolas Sarkozy returned this month lost ground last month, the presidential candidate of the UMP gets 6 points (37% good opinions) even though he had lost 9. The former Head of State gets the first place in the heart of the UMP with 83% (+ 12 points) he had temporarily left to Alain Juppe last month . The Jouyet case as it does not seem to have destabilized François Fillon unduly if the former prime minister was down two points overall (34% good opinions), it increased by 3 points among UMP (57% ). However, the period is difficult for Fillon whose scores have never been so low since the election of François Hollande as President of the Republic.

The real breakthrough of the month is to the account of Emmanuel Macron, the Minister of Economy, who is leaving in a jump of 8 points, the last places in the ranking to climb to 20th place from Ipsos. Macron seduced left (35% PS + 8) and right (36% UMP, + 22). He won notoriety with a rate of “do not say” which fell to 42%.

Cécile Duflot sanctioned

Jean-Pierre Raffarin also forget his defeat in the Senate and almost gets its “normal” level with 35% good opinions (+5 points). However, Cécile Duflot pays his attitude during the case Rémi Fraisse : the environmentalist leader who loses 2 overall, falls to last place. PS supporters turn away: a decline of 14 points (19% good reviews). Similarly, environmentalists punish the supporters: 6 points to 39% less good opinions. In comparison, Segolene Royal is 50% good opinions among environmentalists supporters (+ 3 points). Strategy to break with the government does not seem to pay Cécile Duflot.

Another disappointment: Arnaud Montebourg. His return to school was not well received : 29% good opinions, former Minister of Economy gives 7 points and fell from 10th to 17th place. Again, it is at its lowest since the election of François Hollande.

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