Iran is not going to revise the nuclear agreement, foreign Minister

Иран не собирается пересматривать атомное соглашение, - глава МИД

Tehran is not going under pressure and threat of sanctions from the United States to review the Joint comprehensive plan of action (SVPD) in the atom. In an interview with CNN, said the Minister of foreign Affairs of Iran Mohammad Javid Zarif.

“We don’t want to review this agreement for the atom. We want the United States to implement the agreement on the nuclear issue,” – said the diplomat.

In may, the President of the United States Donald trump announced the withdrawal from the agreement, after which he intends to restore sanctions against Iran and third countries, which will maintain business relations with Iranian partners.

“Today’s closest allies are opposed to these sanctions. The United States was mostly arm-twisting is an attempt to exert pressure. I would not like to use the term “bullying”… but that’s exactly what is happening,” the Minister said.

In response to the leading question whether Iran hoped that the meeting of the two leaders meeting might be useful, Zarif replied in the negative.

“No, and this is after the great progress made earlier, was crossed. The agreement was for us a litmus test of whether we can trust the United States or not,” the Iranian Minister said and added that “President trump will be able to make us believe that we can trust him”.

“We believed that the United States has realized that sanctions, to the extent, at least for Iran, can create economic hardship, but do not give the same political effect expected. I thought Americans learned that lesson, but I was wrong,” concluded Jawad Zarif.

We will remind, earlier the foreign Minister of Iran Mohammad Javid Zarif accused the US of preparing a coup.

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