Israel detained a sailing ship that tried to break through to Gaza

Израиль задержал парусное судно, пытавшееся прорваться в сектор Газа

The army of Israel today, Saturday 4 August, arrested a sailing ship that tried to break the naval blockade of the Gaza strip. About it reports DW.

It is reported that on Board were activists in support of Palestinian “Freedom for Gaza” (“Freedom for Gaza”) – citizens of Germany, Spain, Canada, Sweden and France, only 12 people. The ship itself was under the Swedish flag.

The activists planned to deliver medicine to the Palestinians.

At the moment, according to the migration service of Israel, all of them are detained and are in custody. They’re deported soon.

The naval blockade of the Gaza strip established by Israel to prevent illegal arms shipments.

Earlier in clashes with the Israeli military on the Gaza strip, one Palestinian was killed and 220 people were injured.

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