Israel passes law aimed to complicate the sharing of Jerusalem

Photo: Ariel Schalit Associated Press
The israeli Parliament has adopted a draft law aimed to complicate the transition to palestinian sovereignty in certain areas of Jerusalem.

Jerusalem — The israeli Parliament has adopted on Tuesday a draft law aimed to complicate the transition to palestinian sovereignty over portions of Jerusalem within the framework of a future peace agreement.


The text, approved by 64 votes to 51, sweeps up still more the hopes of a two-state solution in the israeli-palestinian conflict, less than a month after the decision of the us president, Donald Trump, to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.


The passage of this bill comes a few days after the vote of the central committee of the Likud — right-wing party of the israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu — a resolution asking their parliamentarians to push for the annexation of settlements in the west bank, palestinian territory occupied by Israel since 50 years.


Proposed by a deputy from the nationalist party religious jewish Home, the law passed Tuesday provides that any transfer to the Palestinians of what Israel considers part of Jerusalem will require a majority vote of two thirds of the deputies.


It also allows you to modify the definition of “municipal” Jerusalem, certain areas of the city that may as well “be declared as separate entities,” according to a press release from the Parliament.


Israel occupies East Jerusalem and the west bank since the 1967 war. It was then annexed East Jerusalem, the palestinian side of the city. This annexation has never been recognized by the international community.


The jewish State considers the whole of Jerusalem as its capital while Palestinians want to make East Jerusalem the capital of the State to which they aspire.


The issue of Jerusalem is one of the thorniest issues of the israeli-palestinian conflict.


“We have guaranteed the unity of Jerusalem “, tweeted after the vote the Education minister, Naftali Bennett, leader of jewish Home.


“The mount of Olives, the Old city and the city of David will remain ours forever,” he added, making reference to places located in the palestinian side of Jerusalem, including the neighborhood of Silwan.


Dov Khenin, a member of the opposition, has estimated that this new law should be called “the law to prevent the peace,” and fears that she will cause ” a blood bath “.


For the secretary-general of the Organization for the liberation of Palestine (PLO), Saeb Erakat, the Israelis take such decisions because they have the support of the United States.


“The u.s. government adopts the positions of the occupation “, he said to the radio, ensuring that the Palestinians would ” fight attempts by us and israeli to impose solutions “.


As announced on 6 December, the decision of Donald Trump to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel broke with decades of american diplomacy and international and continues to cause turmoil in the palestinian Territories.


For the palestinian president, Mahmoud Abbas, the United States can no longer play their historical role as mediator of peace.


On Monday, he deplored that the White House has ” refused to condemn the settlements of israeli settlements and the systematic attacks and the crimes of the israeli occupation against the people of Palestine.”