Israeli aircraft twice attacked the Northern part of the Gaza strip

Авиация Израиля дважды атаковала северную часть сектора Газа

Yesterday, August 4, the Israeli army conducted two bombing of the Northern region of the Gaza strip. It is reported by “Anadolu”.

According to the Agency, the aim of the airstrikes were the areas from which the Palestinians were launched in the direction of Jewish settlements burning kites and helium balloons.

The representatives of Israel say that the launch of the burning kites and helium balloons pose a threat to the inhabitants of the border of Jewish settlements, as became the reason of several fires.

The Ministry of health of Palestine has not yet reported the number of victims.

We remind also yesterday, the Israeli military stopped the sailboat that was trying to break the naval blockade of the Gaza strip.

Earlier in clashes with the Israeli military on the Gaza strip, one Palestinian was killed and 220 people were injured.

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