It became clear who was behind the attack of the virus Bad Rabbit

Experts of “Interfax” figured out who was behind the virus attack, Bad Rabbit, which is more than a day cut off most of the news flow. Experts argue that it made the Russian structure of direct relevance to the development and dissemination of information.


Vladimir Gerasimov, Executive Director of “Interfax”, said that the leadership of the news Agency is going to report their suspicions to law enforcement. Source Agency reported that the attack was organized by one of the Russian structures related to media. Earlier Yury Pogorelov, General Director of “Interfax”, said that the Agency has been attempts to penetrate the system by one of the Russian IT companies.

Recall that the cyber attack on “Interfax” was produced at the end of October this year. The virus froze the work of the Agency more than a day.