It became known who are most vulnerable to cyber threats

Стало известно кто наиболее подвержен киберугрозам

“Kaspersky lab” has published the results of a study on the security problems of underage Internet users.

The data presented are based on the results of a survey of hundreds of Russian families who have children aged 7-18 years, according to

The study was conducted in February-March this year.

Most vulnerable to cyberthreats adolescents aged 13-15 years. The fact that in this period the behavior of children on the Internet becomes more active and complex. At the same time begins to weaken the control of parents.

Adolescents face a variety of threats. It’s violent content, bullying, insults and threats, suspicious messages from strangers and, of course, a variety of malware.

According to “Kaspersky Lab”, students of any age are now poorly protected from online threats. For example, almost every fifth Respondent had received an invitation to be friends from unknown adults in social networks. Slightly less than half of the respondents randomly got on adult websites. Nearly every third student either experienced or heard about bullying, and the parents only know about half of these cases.

The situation worsens by the fact that adults often neglect the parental controls. This function configures only 36 % of parents. As a rule, it is enabled only on computers, while smartphones remain unprotected.