“It is completely crazy of his own image, obsessed with himself”, the tackle of the Fir tree to Mélenchon

The pink socks of Michel Sapin are talking about the web — Michel Euler/AP/SIPA

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“It is in the rudeness and insults as arguments”

Discreet after the presidential election won by Emmanuel Macron, his successor at Bercy finally came out of his reserve to take first at the… head of State. Michel Sapin has also criticized his direct criticism of under-evaluation of the budget.

But this time, the guéguerre of Jean-Luc Mélenchon with Manuel Valls seems to have really annoyed the ex-minister of the Economy. He also added : “The way he (Mélenchon) has treated Manuel Valls is unbearable. In politics, you eventually have to pay the accumulation of injuries, with the accumulation of big words, the accumulation of profanity. Jean-Luc Mélenchon is in the curse continued, it is in the rudeness and insults as arguments. It has never helped advance the ideas. This is making tensions, deepen wounds, splits within the left in general and this does that devalue his word.”

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