“It was total chaos,” says Alex Harvey

Photo: Karl-Josef Hildenbrand / DPA / AFP
Alex Harvey (left)

Quebec’s Alex Harvey braved the weather conditions very bad, and a broken stick — and took the fifth place in the 15 km mass start Tour de ski, the fifth of seven stages of the classic annual, with a ranking of the world Cup.


Harvey crossed the distance in 29 min 53 s 8, just four seconds behind the winner, Norway’s Emil Iversen. Taking the start in fourth place of the group of 67 athletes, the Quebec 29-year-old was forced to cope with conditions of wet snow, and melting, which have led to countless accidents and sticks broken.


“It was total chaos today,” said Harvey, who pointed out that the route had been changed due to the damage caused to the course regularly to Oberstdorf by the storm of Wednesday.


“The conditions were average. Guys were falling everywhere. The course is so flat that everyone was skiing in a large group, and that the founders broke their sticks. They would have had to take a course of individual departure. “




Harvey has skied the smart way to the front of the group for the first two rounds of the test were seven. Having accumulated precious time on several of the leaders of the Tour, Harvey had lost a large part back in the peloton — until the very last lap, where he made all game.


“I found myself stuck in the queue, I’ve broken one stick in the second last lap and I ended up in 40th place, he mentioned. The course was flat, everyone was gathered and there was nowhere to go. I had the chance. “


Another Norwegian, Sindre Bjørnestad Skar, took second place, four tenths of a second of the winner. Francesco de Fabiani, in 29 min 50 s 7, completed the podium. Switzerland’s Dario Cologna (29 min 53,5 s) is inserted between the podium and Harvey.


In fourth place


This fourth place Cologna he was enabled to increase his lead in the overall lead at 53 seconds ahead of russia’s Sergey Ustiugov, 28th Thursday.


Harvey ranks fourth in the classic, at 1 min 23 s 1 Cologna.


“The body feels really good. Skiing in a large group like this and on a course fairly flat did not really exhausted person, explained Harvey. I’m still in fourth place in the general classification and I look forward to another mass start 15 km on a difficult journey to Val di Fiemme Saturday. “


“The team was a little disappointed after the cancellation of yesterday [Wednesday], because we had the impression of having the right wax for the conditions, he continued. It looks like it could rain again, so we will be ready. “


Even if it does not participate in the Tour de ski, the Norwegian Johannes Hoesflot Klaebo still dominates the ranking of the world Cup with 752 points, 239 better than the Russian Alexander Bolshunov, 40th on Thursday. Harvey is sixth with 463 points.


The ladies


In the women’s 10 km mass start was also the case of Norwegian, since Ingvild Flugstad Oestberg (23 min 16.5 s) and Maiken Caspersen Falla (23 min 18,4 s) have signed a doubled. The Finnish Krista Parmakoski (23 min to 19.7 s) completed the podium.


No Canadian took part in the competition.


The Tour de ski will continue on Saturday in Val di Fiemme, Italy.